Why Faith Matters: A Christian Response to Domestic Violence

taught by FaithTrust Institute
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Course Curriculum

7. Roadblocks: How Religion Can Harm Victims of Domestic Violence
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8. Resources: How Religion Can Affirm & Support a Victim of Domestic Violence
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Course description

This free online course, created by FaithTrust Institute, is an introduction to the issue of domestic violence for faith communities. It includes general information about domestic violence, but focuses primarily on the issue of faith for victims/survivors, as well as perpetrators.

This course is intended to help you, as an individual and as a member of a spiritual community, learn more about:

  • Theological Issues: How is your church addressing the spiritual questions that victims ask most often?
  • Safety Issues: How to create a safer community
  • What we can do!

Creation of this course was sponsored by InFaith Community Foundation

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